PreHeat temp crash

Hello Everyone!

Take a look at the graph of my pre-heat this morning. I was roasting 453g (1 lb) and set the preheat temp to 235 C. You can see it started off fine, but the crashed at about 10 minutes. It recovered and prompted me to load at about 20 minutes (not on this chart)

The roast proceeded mostly as expected:

although somewhat fasted than usual.

I am running 507, and (this is a little embarrassing) I could not get the pre-heat above 205, so I shook the machine back and forth to make sure the wire to the sensor fan was working. After the shake, it let me go to 235. This is a new machine (the January batch from Sweet Maria’s) and I am generally please. But sometimes mystified.

Anything to worry about?




The preheat being stuck at 205 was addressed in a previous post down a few from yours. It was suggested that the micro fan may not be working and there could be a loose wire. Shaking it may have improved the connection but if it’s loose it might give you the same problem. Check and see if that wire is a bit loose.

Yes, that is why I shook it. I’ll disassemble later and check the wire, but I can’t believe that the temp crash is because of the loose wire. That should be the manifestation of a different problem.

I saw the same thing this afternoon and guessed that the software was checking whether the temperature was stable (by turning off the power and measuring the drop in temperature that occurred as a result).