Preheat temp for roasting 300g?

I’ve just got 3 samples at 300g each. I usually roast 750g at a time, preheating to 300°C (IBTS), roast times (mostly P6) between 9 and 11 minutes (just through 1st crack).

If anyone here has done a bunch of 300g roasts, please share your preferred settings / preheat values.


[Edit: I see from this Medium post that Aillio suggests 200-240°C for 350g, so if I don’t hear anything, I’ll try 210°C for these 300g samples and see how that goes. Any suggestions or experiences are welcome. ]

Hi Dylan -

I’ve been roasting 325g batches (5# = 7 roasts). For Guatemalan / Colombian I’ve been preheating at 220C and dropping around 218C. This is an example:

For DP Ethiopians I’m leaning toward 190C or 200C preheat and 206C drop, like this one:

although even slower has worked well too.

I have a V2 machine.

I’m not very experienced but there’s a couple of data points for you. Hope they help.


  • Brad


This is super-helpful. I also have a V2 machine (SN #76 with all the upgrades) so your info should go straight across.


Okay then, I’ve been experimenting lately with 401F and less for pre heats with more flavourful results roasting Ethiopians and brewing calculated pour overs. Tasty, tasty, tasty, Black.