Preheating graph keeps dipping off

This keeps happening when I’m preheating
Anyone else have this or know why?

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Not certain what I’m seeing in the graph but it looks like data is dropping out simultaneously on both the probe & IBTS. Common to both is the USB cable. If it’s not something obvious (like the USB cable isn’t seated well at the rear of the control panel or some other issue with connections) then you need to contact your dealer or Aillio Support for some assistance troubleshooting the issue. Were there any error codes generated during the PH? That might offer some guidance. Support should be able to see them on the server data.


Unfortunately No codes or errors messages while preheating.

Mmm… not sure how the f/w handles a dropout on the USB. @jacob should be able to address that or us. In hindsight I’m not sure if I’ve seen codes related to USB intermittence but it certainly will trash a roast as far as RT3 is concerned.

Ignoring the dropouts, the Preheat seemed to go exactly as it should. I’ll leave something for Matt too to get his input.


I tried a need usb cable and it was still happening so I went ahead and cleaned everything Still happening
But…. Now if I unplug it while PH and it lose connection and then plug it back in it seems to be fine.
Until I start roasting, it doesn’t dip but the time on the graph slowly falls behind
(example: end roast time 12:39 on bullet
End roast time and graph only at 9:29)
But I’m guessing this more of an old computer problem then a cable problem
Maybe all of it’s an old/slow computer problem?