Preset Power and Fan

Love all the changes that have been made. Would love it if we could preset the power and fan settings along with the preheat setting.

You can do that in a Recipe


Thanks. Will look into that. My thought is that most people will have an idea of what temperature and fan settings they will want to start at. It would be nice to have that preset so that you don’t have to dial that in as soon as the roast starts. I find that p6 and f2 is not what I usually use as my initial settings.

I don’t recall the exact procedure, but you used to be able to do this at the roaster level? You’d have to check the manual? I’m sure I did this at one time…

Prob too much info but…

There are initial conditions set in the f/w. You can modify those with f/w Settings Menu (the manual title). Been years since I did that and I don’t trust my memory, so here’s the section of the manual on how to adjust Settings.

Prob need to be in the OFF mode when changing Settings. These are default settings so it doesn’t allow you to set it for an individual roast during a session unless you go back to OFF- and that defeats the purpose for back-to-back roasts. You would have to set P, D & F after you add the beans. Any more automation than that suggests it’s time to tackle Recipes.

Settings Menu

In the settings menu you can change the following:

Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature reading, sound volume, default drum speed at roasting, default starting power at roasting, and default preheat temperature.

When the R1 is in Off mode, press F1 to enter and toggle through the menu. The clock display will tell you which menu item you are currently changing. To exit the menu keep pressing F1 until the Off appears in the clock display.

1. CEL / FAH is displayed. Press the A button to toggle between Celsius (CEL) or Fahrenheit (FAH), see fig. 11
2. SOU - Adjust the sound settings
3. drU - press the Fan speed buttons up/down to select the default drum speed when the roast starts, see fig. 13
4. Pro - press the HC buttons up/down to select the default power when the roast starts, see fig. 14
5. PH - press the HC buttons up/down to select the default preheat temperature when the R1 starts up, see fig. 15


Edit- there’s no reason you can’t have a Recipe with no steps- manually operate the roaster after letting the Recipe set starting values. You can use a Recipe + Overlay, but you can’t use a Recipe + Playback.

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Still think it would be nice to have the option to simply set starting temp and fan settings in the same place you set the preheat temperature. Defaults in those options could remain P6 and F2 but have the ability to change it. But could be I’m unique in that regards. But thanks for all the great info and feedback!! Had no idea you could do it that way.