Private Roast Data in Roast World

I’m just going by what happened.

I uninstalled roastime and went on the internet and then my roasts were uploaded to roast world.

I can see that after uninstalling RoasTime the folders for RT under “application support” are still there.

Hey, looked into this. It looks like we are not cleaning up all the data on uninstall. You can delete that directory locally manually. I will make a ticket to fix that.

As far as uploading that can definitely only happen with an internet connection and an open application. It does auto sync roasts you did offline when you go online so maybe that happened before you uninstalled?

All i know, is that i deleted the program on a Mac, where the app was in the trash, but the trash not emptied, and the data still was uploaded to

I also know that i deleted the “roasts” files and that some roasts were still uploaded.

So where and how the data is managed is not clear, and it is very difficult to use the software and maintain control over our intellectual rights.

The fact that Aillio is considering charging us to have privacy shows how the company views our rights as customers, and how it values the data for its own uses.

I understand your frustrations. Maybe we can make this more clear in the application.

The features we are speaking about were built for the roasters own benefit. Your profiles are backed up to RoastWorld any time there is an internet connection and RoasTime is open to avoid data loss.

As stated before, we don’t currently use this data at all apart from support requests, syncing your data to your local machines, and the RoastWorld community. We do have features planned that utilize this data but those are also meant for your benefit and value(like roast prediction). We are happy to oblige and delete your data if you don’t want it there.

If you are not happy with this - we are not locking you in and you may choose use another software (that’s fine too). We do value our customers.

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What other program/software gives us information on electronic aspects of the roaster? Isn’t RoasTime the only integrated software for this electric roaster? Other software is just time and temp and inventory.

Do you know how small margins are when roasting at 1-2lbs batches? The idea of using the Bullet is many many hours of roasting labor. Green costs are at an all time high. And you are saying that Aillio is considering charging money for us to have the option to opt out our data?

I could understand if Aillio created offline analysis tools for those people, but there is no advantage to keeping files off line other than intellectual property protections, which should be allowed, and not charged for.

We keep reading “you aren’t locked in, use something else” in regards to our RoasTime software on the Bullet, but let’s look at a few questions related to that idea:

  1. How do we update the firmware on the Bullet?

  2. How does technical support problem shoot the Bullet remotely?

  3. How do we see the performance of the electronics in software like Artisan? The Bullet is not gas, so we don’t have gas gauges, we use software to tell us when the electronics might be stressed or how they are behaving, what software besides RoasTime gives us that real time feedback?

  4. Is any other software going to continue to integrate and grow with the Bullet?

  5. Is any other software used as ubiquitously in the user community? Are you saying that anyone who wants privacy cannot share selectively, but must divulge all roast data to machine learning, or none at all? doesn’t that push some types of innovative people away from the Bullet community? Wasn’t RoasTime leveraged as part of the Bullet’s appeal, and yet no mention in the sales pitch of the requirement to share data if you intend to use RoasTime as advertised?

  6. What other software allows for partial automation? Part of the sold Bullet’s features and advantages.

  7. Does any other software allow for bypassing the hardware buttons to control the roast?

  8. Industry standards and product integration are not important with any professional product?

@jimmybulletroaster - I appreciate your candor and vigor hopping into this forum topic and driving home some important points and questions. And I totally invite Aillio to respond to some of those.

I will also say, however, that going back to my original intent of the post - I would LOVE to see some Roast.World and/or RoastTime features that allow for more intuitive sharing or share control of roasts and recipes. Whether it be to not share bad batches, or to keep private some “proprietary” recipes, or any other good reason - it would be good to be able to “bulk make private” or set the default to be private and then “make public” those that we want to share. I think @jimmybulletroaster , me, and others are totally cool with sharing and some of the complaints come with the limited control of that sharing. I don’t expect Aillio to change their whole philosophy or support structure based on the loud opinions of a few - but it would be cool to see some features to help us out.

This quote by @mcaillio was encouraging! Would love to learn more about that feature plan.

Thanks all for the Col0Rfu1 discussion :wink:

Hey @jimmybulletroaster ,

I want to preface my answer by saying I appreciate you asking difficult questions and it is obvious we have differing opinions. I respect your opinion, and hopefully you can see where I am coming from.

Just to start. I actually do roast and sell myself on the bullet, so I really do understand the margins. Also, there is no set in stone plans for that. I was just stating it was something discussed in the past.

As far as your questions, you are correct that these are features built into RoasTime, but I don’t think it is fair to say we are locking people in just because we built firmware updating, remote troubleshooting, proper monitoring, etc into our own software and the others did not. There are other options, but they may not be as good with the Bullet as liked. In my opinion, that just goes to show the effort we put into the software.

Some people are deterred by their data being stored, and that is fine. We still welcome non-RoasTIme users in support and the community. There are definitely people on this community that use Artisan or Cropster. We are trying to meet in the middle with private roasts (that used to not exist at all), but our philosophy remains as we try to build this community and new tools to help it roast better.

That being said, I will prioritize some conversations around bulk actions of private roasts.


only thing is that the Bullet does not do 100% of the advertised functions without Roast Time, and you do not mention that sharing data is a requirement in the sales pitch. could use a little “*” to make that knowledge available before purchase.

It is all well to share work with other people in a grand gesture, except that the labor and hours are not yours to give.

Also, when i uninstalled RT3 and reinstalled it, I assumed all my roast history would have been deleted, but when i reinstalled RT3 and had to sign in, all of my okd roast data went to your servers. Again, this was not made clear.

So even when i attempted to avoid uploading my roast history, there were these little hiccups and not communicated aspects that caused me transfer my data against my consent.