Profile recommendation: Can you suggest roast profiles for slightly darker roasts that touch into second crack?

Is there an “expert” on slightly darker roasts in terms of roast profiles to copy/learn from? I’ve been seeing a number of posts telling people to look at “bradm” roasts. So I have already grabbed a couple of those and have used them as overlay guides. Good stuff for sure! I used one of his to produce a pretty fantastic Kenya roast that my wife is using in her Technivorm the last few days. It is really nice.

In my 20 years of home roasting, I (and my wife) have always liked roasts that touch into second crack. My understanding is that these types of roasts are considered “crowd pleasing” roasts. I hate to be categorized as part of a crowd, but I do like to be pleased. So … I dunno. I guess I have simple tastes. (To be sure, I am thinking that I will probably be refining my tastes after a few “failed” roasts on that Bullet that were a bit lighter but … really quite yummy. Just need to work myself into it.) Also worth noting maybe that I almost exclusively drink straight shots of espresso. The light/lively/bright roasts have never made me super happy.

That being said, is there a recommendation for some curves/profiles that would serve as good overlays for someone like me who likes to, perhaps, slightly over-roast? The last couple of roasts I did following different bradm profiles as overlays came out the way I like. But it meant that I just let them run a bit flat (in terms of RoR) toward the end to get to the point of second crack. I suspect that is not the ideal method.



Hi Mark -

Belated welcome! Our backgrounds are nearly identical in terms of roasting machines. My Gene still works too… But I drink brewed coffee, mostly from the Technivorm, so can’t help WRT espresso.

I also roasted to the first snaps of second crack on the Gene. But the bullet seems to produce a similarly “dark” flavor (with much improved sweetness) at a lower drop temperature, so I drop a generic Gene-type roast at around 218C.

For darker roasts, lately I’ve been experimenting with the S-curve method suggested by a few others here: follow a Rao-ish decreasing RoR until about 212C or 90 seconds after FC, then allow the RoR to rise again. This shortens the development time to SC, reduces weight loss, and seems to produce a smoother, less bitter dark roast. Not sure if the same would hold for espresso. If you give this technique a try please let us know what you think.


  • Brad

Hi Brad,

Thank you for the tips and information. I have also been harboring a suspicion that the Bullet roasts taste a bit darker tasting than what my intuition would tell me from my Gene experience. I’m so few roasts in, though, that I can’t draw any firm conclusions. I will be doing a couple of roasts today.

Bruce also responded to this thread and gave me some ideas. This forum must have a “private response” option or something that I don’t see immediately because his response and my reply to him seem to not exist under this topic. Or I might not yet have figured out the threading yet.

In any case, I will research a bit more using your and Bruce’s information and go do some roasting!


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