Profile Recommendation: Can you suggest roast profiles to get the "perfect" light/medium roast?

Hello everyone, this is my first post on here and am fairly new to roasting on the Aillio Bullet. I just got mine about a month ago and am having a really hard time getting a “perfect” light/medium roast. I am mainly roasting Guatemala, Colombian and Nicaraguan coffee right now but at open to any recommendations. Just wanted some words of wisdom from the experts on here on how to get that perfect “light brown” medium roast, it’s what I love drinking and would love to be able to roast that way as well! Thanks so much in advance!

Hi Nathan, welcome! Maybe one of the profiles that I mentioned in this post would help as a starting point:

I’d recommend using the Overlay feature to use display one of your previous roasts in the background as you roast the next one. That makes it easy to fine tune the profile and play with how little changes reflect in the cup. Fun stuff…

Perfect! Thank you for your response. I believe I’m getting too dark too quick. Would I just adjust the P setting? As well as the preheat? What is a good baseline pre-heat?

Roaster settings depend on batch size. For 325g and 455g batches of Central American beans I like 210C as a baseline preheat temperature. I’ve had good success with Ethiopians using a little higher preheat.

Beware also that I mark the yellow point when there are no more green beans, which may be later than others. Got this from watching Derek on the Mill City Roasters YouTube videos.

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Sounds good! Thank you! I appreciate your help.