"Program not Responding" error after initial RT4 install

Soliciting advice, as new user downloaded RT4 and attempted initial install on Win10Pro 64 bit laptop (after fresh Windows10 re-install). Install seemed to progress OK but always arrives at same blank white screen with “program not responding” error displayed. Noted this error has occurred with others but could not find a posted solution.
Windows recognizes V2 Bullet as connected when USB initially plugged in, then attempted software install. (“dependencies” seemed to install)
Uninstalled software, including any items that seemed related to roast time in Users>app data> local/roaming etc. and verified Roast Time is listed as allowed thru firewall prior trying to re-install several times to no avail.
Was able to limp through installing the last legacy RT3 successfully using Zadig to install drivers. This also allowed update to last recommended firmware patch 613 after several fits and starts (was amused to see 613 was to allow USB-C connection that the new V2 Bullet had come equipped with).
Since RT3 is connected and functioning a little reluctant to pursue RT4 since worried might lose everything. Reading posted threads it seems software/firmware update process is buggy/glitchy and prone to trouble.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hey @luderjk.8cot , thanks for reporting this. Seems like a similar issue to Can't get 4.6.36 to work. Not responding after installation - #3 by jeffaillio, but we’ll report back when we have an update.