Proper Way to Drop The Beans

I’ve roasted 5-6 times on R1 v2 mostly 500 g. However I find myself quite clumsy each time dropping the beans - either some beans would fall off the right side (from my perspective) of the cooling pot when the door is opened too wide, or some beans would get stuck between the rolling drum and the front plate if the door is not opened wide enough. How do you guys drop the beans?

Same way but with a lot of colorful language.

When that didn’t work without a lot of pain I started keeping a thick leather glove handy plus a wood spatula. Before I drop the beans I get the glove on my right hand so I can lift the door without getting burned plus I keep the fingers extended to block any flying beans; the left hand hits the PRS button (that ends the roast and starts the cooling mode) and then I get the spatula in place to block the beans on the other side. Takes awhile for the stragglers to finally fall out of the drum. Using bare hands guarantees a burn.

Others have made a chute of sorts from thin plastic intended for high temp use. They variously attach that to the front plate or (imo) better yet attached to the cooling tray and/or cooling bowl. Search for some old posts (2018?) related to cooling tray hacks that have some photos.


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+1 for the spatula!

I already have it there to stir the beans in the cooling tray, so I just use it to block the side of the open door.

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I use two sheets of regular paper (folded in half) and insert on either side of the door between the metal bean tray and the plastic container. Works fine enough that I have deferred doing something more permanent as per the post mentioned by bab.

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Worth a try!

Gentlemen - if you go to the Aillio Bullet R1 User Group on Facebook and search for bean chute “ears” or bean chute “deflector” you will find a responsive discussion (and related STL files (for 3D printing). The “ears” sit to the right and left of the bean chute, are inexpensive, super simple to attach, and basically end the fly-away bean problem when dropping. The original discussion took place back in 2017 and I been happily using them since then. Good luck!