Public roasts saved on Roast.World won't show up in RoasTime if you have a saved roast from a deleted user

I’m using RoasTime v3.2.2

When I save a roast in RoasTime, it doesn’t download to my app if I have a roast tha’ts from an unavailable user/deleted

When I click save, it adds it to my saved roasts on Roast.World, but it doesn’t show up in the RoasTime application. Once I unsave the unavailable roast, the new roasts download to the application

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I’m trying to understand what you’re saying but there are a few things I don’t get…

So the roast is visible on Roastime, but it does not download to RoastWorld on your phone?

so it seems the roast does get added to Roast World… but in the previous line you said it does not download to your “app”…

I thought it was visible in Roastime, as you said “when i save a roast in Roastime”?

in any event, it is possible that Roastime doesn’t allow full sharing if a user has closed their account, but you could then do a screen grab of the roast and create a recipe from that. I’ve managed to do a complete passive playback of a recipe I’ve created… turned out pretty well…


Thank you so much for posting this—it saved me continued pulling my hair out! This bug still exists in RoasTime 3.4.1—if you have a roast saved on by a user who has since deleted their account, none of your saved roasts will sync to the RoasTime application (I’m on Mac OS, 3.41) until you go into saved roasts and delete (far right button) the ones from any "Unknown User"s.

This could definitely use a fix on the software side!