Quest M3s vs Bullet R1 with IBTS

Anyone else coming to the Bullet with IBTS after using a Quest M3s with digital temperature probes? I’m finding a very close correlation between the bean temps with the IBTS and what I am used to seeing on my Quest. With the Quest 1C was always around 198C (with preheat to 200C), and with the Bullet R1 so far I’m seeing 200C very consistently (with preheat to 230C). I usually roast to temperature with the Quest and am hoping to do the same with the Bullet.

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My Other Roaster was a HotTop, controlled with Artisan and Alarm files for temperature triggers.

I had issues with Artisan talking to the R1 for now so I went with RoastTime and actually have enjoyed using it just as a datalogger and driving my roasts more manually from the control panel. Who would have thought it ? I think I’ve been liberated to a certain degree from the shackles of “at this temp DO THIS” and the temperature has been more of a suggestion. I think my coffee has improved as a result.

Your Coffee May Vary :wink:

When I say that I “roast to temperature” I’m only referring to the end point, and with the Quest I found it a reasonable way to get consistent roasts. I treat the bean temperature as a guide, not an absolute. My point was only that the temperatures I’m seeing with the Bullet and IBTS seem to be very close to what I saw with the Quest with a digital probe measuring bean temps.

I admit I took your question to 11…I got carried away… :wink:

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Follow up: Now that I’ve had the Bullet for a few weeks and done several roasts, I came to an interesting realization… My hope when I bought the Bullet (!) was that I would eventually be able to produce coffee with it that was as good as what I was getting with the Quest. To my surprise and delight, I find that I am getting coffee that is quite noticeably better!


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