Question From New User- Downloading RoasTime 4

Hi all. New here and awaiting my Bullet to arrive! I tried to download RT 4 but keep getting a javascript error…does my roaster need to be connected to my laptop before I attempt the download? Thanks in advance!

Hey @kyledkleinschmit.AAP

What is the error? I assume this is when installing and not downloading.

Hi, yes, download completes, but then hits snag at install.

Thanks @kyledkleinschmit.AAP . Looks like it is specific to new users (who do not yet have a directory structure). I found the issue. I will push out a newer version in the next hour or so that should fix this.

Rockin’ good news! Thanks and really appreciate the quick response and solution, super impressive.

Just released a v4.6.8 - you should be able to download again and install.

Looks liked it worked…thanks again!

Hi @mcaillio, I am having the same java error with 4.6.8. I just updated from roastime3 and now cannot open roastime 4.6.8. See attached photos. appreciate the help!

here is the first part of the error

Hey @mdratner.2B22 ,

Re-building once more (I should have done a search to make sure this wasn’t introduced in more than one spot before). Give me ~30 min.

thank you!

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Ok, try re-downloading.

That worked! Unfortunately now my roaster will not connect per the below picture. Is there a patch/fix for this? Thank you!
Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 12.45.24 PM

Hey @mdratner.2B22

This seems to be common with people upgrading from RT3 on the first startup. Can you unplug and replug your roaster and restart the app. Let me know if that solves your issue.

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That seems to have worked. Really appreciate the quick fix and response here. Have a great weekend!