R.W Dashboard Changes

Looks like some of the mods to R.W are starting to slip in.

Just noticed that My Beans in the Dashboard now has beans in order of date added, most recent first. Thank you for that!

Now I’m wondering how many other things have changed that I haven’t noticed. Anybody else spot changes?


Interesting…I’m not seeing that (and would love to.) I wonder if they’re doing partial roll-outs.

The behavior is a little odd. Go to R.W > My Beans. You get the usual unordered sequence. Re-load the page and you get the beans in the reverse order they were added to My Beans, i.e. most recent first.


I noticed this, too. At first, it confused me when I went back and forth looking for a certain couple of beans.

That doesn’t seem to work for me. Which is a bummer, as by now I’ve got a ton of “zero in stock” beans in my list that I would love to move to the bottom…

Edit: I do, however, now have a strange “Unlisted” list at the bottom of my page that contains everything I would have to scroll to the next/previous page to see. I’m hopeful that gets turned into something more…useful.

Seems odd one would see it and another wouldn’t. Maybe… are you using a Mac? Can’t imagine why it would be different- it was my understanding the source code is the same.

re: Unlisted… I was told (quoted below) beans become Unlisted if the the Bean entry is modified or replaced. They also said they were making changes in that. From the Help Ticket reply I received, here’s what was said:

“When you remove a bean you’ve roasted before from the list, it gets posted under Unlisted…”

From this it sounds like you would have to replace one Bean entry with another (which may have the exact same name), but my impression is that just modifying something in the the bean description/data (and maybe the inventory) causes it to be moved to Unlisted.


Edit: Hah!! Just tried the My Beans page again and it no longer works as I described. So it’s not a Mac/Win issue… just things changing in R.W.

The annoying “Unlisted bean” behavior has changed.

In the past, when I modified a bean description in any way it would cause all uses of that bean in Roasts to be changed to Unlisted… which of course is the same name as over 94,000 other beans. That seems to have changed. I just modified a bean Name in My Beans and saved the change. That caused all instances of that bean in My Roasts to be modified to the new name. Roast.World no longer changes the bean Name to Unlisted in each roast where it was used. And no need to edit each roast to fix usage & inventory. Excellent! Thank you.