R1 failure mid-roast

Mid roast,

  • the Drum Temp probe failed, went to -1 degrees
  • Bullet then went into “unattended” error
    • unable to clear the error
    • R1 display showed garbled info
    • R1 buttons unresponsive
    • Stopped roast via RT
  • Put R1 into PH using software
    • R1 buttons still unresponsive
  • Powered down the R1 several times
    • R1 display still frozen showing garbled info
    • Finally after an extended power-down, restarted
      • R1 display is now dark
      • Fan is running on high
      • RT software says Bullet is connected
        • on roast screen, graph area says R1 is connected
        • bottom left button says R1 is disconnected

At this point neither software or hardware is responsive.

Any thoughts or help?


The drum temp failing and the screen and buttons becoming unresponsive would indicate a fault with the IR sensor or the circuit board with the buttons. They both use the same bus to communicate, so if one fails in a bad way it might down the communication for the other. Check the IR sensor, cabling and check for contamination on all of the control boards.
What serial number is this?

The serial number is 1131.

I can take a look and take some photos, I received the roaster about 5 months ago.



I was looking at some things per Taylors suggestion and also I opened the R1 to look at the connections as you suggested. Everything was seated properly and I did not see any contamination.

After putting the R1 back together, the roaster started with no issues. I ran a preheat and roast without beans, and did not see any issues.

I will roast this weekend, but until then I would consider my issue resolved.



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