Rate of rise fahrenheit to celsius conversion

Hi all.
I have been roasting on the R1 for a while using Celsius. I am about to roast on a 20kg roaster that the owners have in Farenheit. Would any one know how to convert RoR celsius to farenheit? Is there a chart out there? Thanks for your time!

You shouldn’t need a chart for ROR. Delta T of 1 C is 1.8 F.


You can go to profile pic - Edit Settings - Roast Config - Unit of Temperature

Set the unit to Fahrenheit and save changes. The B-ROR in your roast profiles will be converted to F/m. You can change it back if you need to roast in degrees Celcius afterward.

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Cool, thank you!

Hi Kevin,

Ok cool. I will do that and match the readings. Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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