Rating should be visible in bean and roast list

Hello all.
I’m wanting to go through my previous beans quickly so I can decide what to buy next, to see what I have liked in the past and why some beans haven’t worked etc… but the RoastWorld site does not have a rating score for beans! Also it does not display the rating score for Roasts on the list view… so this makes finding and comparing very difficult and time consuming.

Add a scoring column for Beans on the list of beans, AND make the Roast rating visible on the list view too so you can order by rating and quickly see what you’ve liked in the past.

BTW of the beans, it would be useful to have ALL beans as an option as well as Active/Archived… for me, I don’t care about keeping track of the stock, as I am not a commercial roaster, but DO want to be able to see what I thought of ALL the beans I have used in the past so I can make purchasing decisions today!.