Recepies behavior


Probably dumb question but… is the roaster suppose to change settings remotely from the app? I just ran a recepy and nothing really happened. No power changes of fan changes or nothing. Just wondering.


If the recipe is setup correctly it can make all the changes for the roast: PH, Fan, Power, Drum etc…


have the same problem…


Make sure that if you are making a trigger based on temperature (especially IR) you should not leave the “AND time” at zero. Lets say that you charge your roast at 250C. You want to change the power from 9 to 8 at 170C. The bean temp passes 170C on its way down after the charge within a few seconds and then again a few minutes later into the roast. If you don’t add a time in the trigger statement then that command , and any other commands based on bean temperature may not work as intended. If I want a command to trigger after the turning point and I want it based on temperature, I always add 1:00 minute to the “AND time” part of the command line.