Recipe column info - wasted space

Hi guys, see the video showing the wasted space on the Recipes section.

Yeah this will be improved with the coming releases. We are also adding more details to the recipes.

Hey jacob, so this video was visible to you no problem? It’s also mp4, shared in the same way as the video I was sharing this week which some people on the forum could not access…

hey @mark.palmos there is a slight difference in how the video in this thread was shared vs your other one. The other one I see as an embedded video with a play button:

But in this thread it is simply a link:

I see that both resolves to the same video platform you “hosted” the video on. I’m using Chrome by the way.

Hah, ok, I will try both versions here on this reply… here is using the INSERT HYPERLINK FUNCTION

and here below I am simply pasting the same URL:

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So here is a little video showing the same URL used in two ways, one by the INSERT HYPERLINK function and one by simply pasting the same URL