Recipe for 300g sample roast

Hey community,
do you have suggestions/recipes for a 300g sample roast?
Would really appreciate.

Best regards.

Contact customer support and see if they’ll release roast trend data to the community.

300g is a nice batch size. Find your constants. if you like P6 and F2, then just go with that and find the charge temp that gives you the times to FC that you want. Anyway, plenty of help should be on the way. We just find forum help hit or miss and not many ways to know what benchmarks or standards are. if environmental temps are 10degrees different and barametric pressure off, and roasting different beans, you’re not getting the same end result obviously. Whole lot of trial and error. would be cool to save on energy and be better for the planet to have a better base line by seeing roast trends. Aillio is collecting all the data. Unfortunate we never get to see any of the trends.

happy roasting! :slight_smile:


Go to Dashboard → Recipes → Discover; click Filters and set Min & max weight range for the batch size you want (300 gm). That will yield a list of candidates (I see 284 hits). You can also add other constraints to the search but this is enough to see a sampling of Recipes that can get you started.


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