Recipe issues v3.4

Hello all,
I haven’t used the recipe feature for many months, and though it has improved, there are a few (for me) big issues that should get addressed…

Creating recipe, still have the annoying behaviour that you cannot remove TIME as a criteria, and if you edit the time to make it some random low number so it does not affect the temperature based trigger, the event will be sorted according to the time automatically, which can mess up your ability to see your events in order. You are forced to do the clumsy work-around, which is to manually edit each event with FAKE TRIGGER TIMES so that your events are displayed in the correct order. Why is there still a requirement to have TIME in these events?

Secondly, for certain things, it is important to be able to be able to generate a trigger based on a previous event, for example, if I am doing a heat dip starting at 192°c and I want this power setting to last for exactly 45 seconds… I should be able to create a trigger which activates 45 seconds after the previous trigger.

Thirdly, it would be useful to be able to create a trigger at a specific % of Development time, for example, it is very typical to be dropping power substantially at 12% dev time to prevent a flick.

Thanks guys, loving my Bullet!