Recipe program problems in RT3

I use the Recipe feature on all of my roasts. I had no problems with RT2.x . However, with RT 3.0.76 I am having issues. I have done 2 roasts now and I have had to go manual as the Recipe program triggers stop working. Here is the Recipe program in am using:

Preheat 265C P9,F1,D8 (success)
0:00:05 P1 (success)
0:01:10 P9 (success)
IR 170C and 0:01:15 F2 (this did not trigger)
IR 185C and 0:01:15 P8 (this did not trigger)
IR 190C and 0:01:15 P7 (this did not trigger)
IR 195C and 0:01:15 P6 (this did not trigger)
IR 212C and 0:01:15 F3 (this did not trigger)
IR 214C and 0:01:15 P5 (this did not trigger)
IR 216C and 0:01:15 F4 (this did not trigger)

This type of recipe worked in RT 2.x

Update: I tried another roast and carefully entered the recipe triggers. I made a few changes in the variables. Same result. No IR based triggers.

What should I do? Reload RT3.x? Try a different trigger method? Any ideas?

Let me recreate this recipe today and see what happens - there may be a bug there. I am not personally a recipe user so it wasn’t one of those most heavily tested parts of the system.

I’ve found time & temperature-based triggers to be unreliable, even in v2. Though temperature-based triggers have consistently worked. Do you think your recipe would achieve the desired results with just the temperature triggers?

For temperature triggers, you need to have the conditional statement “IR or Bean Temp” AND "Time >= ‘time value’. This is the reason. Look at a roast graph. At the time of charge, your Bean temp and IBTS temp are not zero but usually close to the charge temp. Very quickly, the IBTS drops to zero. The Bean probe gradually drops until the “turning point”. Later on, the Bean temp rises and the IBTS temp reappears. If you use a Temp trigger but leave the Time at zero you will probably have a problem. All the Recipe program knows is "I’m going to do something, ‘trigger’ if both Temp AND Time conditions are met. Lets say that you want the power to change when the Bean temp hits 150C. Look at your roast graph. The Bean temp hits 150C twice, once within a minute as it is dropping down to the “turning point” and a second time about 2 minutes or so into the roast. Lets say that you intend the trigger to occur at 2 minutes as the temperature is rising. If you put the statement “Bean temp = 150C AND Time = 0” then the trigger will not occur as you intended but occur the first time these conditions are met, within one minute of the roast. This may be why you find the Temp and Time triggers unreliable. For me, I always add “Time = 1:00” for any Temperature based triggers. This insures that the triggers will occur after the turning point and not before. Try the Recipe program again and add “Time = 1 min” to any triggers you want performed after the turning point. I had great success with the Recipe program in RT2.x . I’m sure that things will get worked out in RT3. It is a great program.

@pnrenton Have you tried a recipe with temp using bean probe? Just curious if it is all temp based ones or just IR. I recreated your recipe over here and it all run successfully.

Also, just to confirm - are your settings set to F or C? (I see the recipe is C, but is that the same as your roast config?)

Were you able to join the slack?


I have not tried using the Bean probe. I have been using the IBTS temperature. I find it more reliable for roasting that the Bean probe. My YT, FCs times are almost universally the same with IBTS across all bean types. I wound prefer to continue to use the IR or IBTS as the temp trigger.

I have been roasting in C.

Just checked RT3 Recipe. All is in C.

Sure! Of course. Sorry, I didn’t mean to switch over, I just meant for debugging purposes whether the bean probe triggers worked or not.

It may be a few days before I can roast again. I will try using the Bean probe next time unless a solution is found before then.

I also had this problem today with V3. It hit the first trigger: “temp is 170C AND time >= 3:00” but it did not hit the second trigger: “temp is 184C AND time >= 3:00. I used these triggers on V2 with this happening only on a rare occasion.
Matthew has Aillio considered making Roastime open source so us software engineers can help make it more reliable? Or I assume you all plan to profit off of it in the future ?

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I had similar problems in 2.x. I solved them by making sure the times increased from one trigger to the next. Try not using 1:15 all the way through, and incrementing each step by a few seconds…

PS. I also had some problems when editing a recipe. When I built the recipe from scratch, the triggers worked fine.

This was supposed to be a rely to pnrenton’s post recently

Hey Guys,

I will be putting in some work to get these bugs solved. The recipes are admittedly the least tested part of RT3.


When I used a recipe running 3.0.xx, the first time the triggers did not happen. After that, I’ve had no problems.

Running OSX Mojave on a MacBook Air (2012).


Update. Roasted today. The Recipe program now works.