Recipe to Roast

I’d like a feature to convert recipes to roasts… because searching for a recipe for “bean X” gets you a recipe… which for arcane reasons doesn’t have a feature to turn into a roast… even though it should BE a roast by default.

Once you run a recipe it becomes a roast. It can’t really be a roast before that because a roast has not yet taken place. An actual roast will be using real-time data collected during the roasting process. In order to convert a recipe to a fake roast, fake data would need to be used. Recipes aren’t necessarily roasts by default. For example, I tend to write a recipe before I roast a coffee for the first time. I then run the recipe, creating a roast, and afterwards make adjustments to the recipe based on how I want the coffee to taste.

Hey @mark.Vpgc , just want to reiterate what @drink_your_coffee said. I think there may be some confusion with what a recipe is.

A roast is something that happened in the past. A recipe are predefined steps in hopes to replicate a certain roast in the future.

I think recipes are aptly named, because it is very similar to cooking. You follow a recipe and you get your food at the end. That food doesn’t always taste or turn out the same even though you followed the recipe.

That being said, you can also search for existing roasts by beans - you don’t have to use a recipe. But even then, your roast may not turn out exactly the same as that roaster.