Recipe. What does the advanced Settings switch do?

Version 4.3 has an advanced settings switch in the upper right hand corner of the Recipe window.

If I turn it on, I can see the time values for the recipe. If it is turned off, I only see the temperature settings for the recipe.

With the switch off:

With the switch on:

Does the setting of this switch make any difference when roasting with a recipe?

I wish that they would give us some documentation for the changes and how to use them.

Hi Bill-

Probably won’t make any difference. Using Time as a 2nd logical condition in the Recipe step guarantees that the Temp conditional will not be met till Time is greater than a certain value. When using RT3 I purposely defeated that by setting the Time value to an impossibly low number. So the change in RT4 to not require Time evaluation was an improvement for my purposes. But others may not see it that way so the usual disclaimer applies… YMMV.


Thanks Bruce.

So if the advanced settings switch is off when you run a roast, it will only follow the temperature.

But if the Advanced setting switch is on it will follow the temperature after the time constraint is met.

Like you, I have written some Recipes where all of the times were the same after the 1 minute low power soak.

I’ve moved away from the temp only recipes. I was seeing too much variability in the results. I don’t roast a regular schedule of repeating beans and I think that the moisture content and density of the beans were making things unpredictable.

Trying to meet dual conditions for a roast that is temperature driven can create contradictory conditions that will make one or the other trash the roast. For my purposes I choose to just let temperature manage the roast and don’t worry about Time as I was forced to do with RT3.

An Overlay will tell you if you’re following the track you want. The first roast of the day often needs a human involved to boost Power or fuss with the Fan since the roaster isn’t yet thermally stable. As you know, Roast #2 and up get better.

Fwiw, try paying attention to B-Temp before you charge the drum. I find that a good indicator for when to Charge. A throw-away roast will solve the issue but I suspect not a lot of folks here are willing to throw away beans to get preheat stabilized. As an alternate I have 2 versions of the main Recipe- the first roast is done with a higher Preheat than #2 and later. Works fairly well. There’s only 9F° difference between the 1st and later roasts.