Recipes and RT 2.3.1 Beta

I know this is a Beta so work may still be in progress but have these questions -

it looks like there will be a capability to move the individual steps in the recipe (shuffle play icon?) but for me that’s not working so I don’t know if I am doing it wrong or it isn’t implemented yet

I wanted to set up a recipe that just controlled the fan speed and drum speed leaving me to focus on the power level but it seems that if a power level isn’t specified in every step (even if you don’t intend it to actually change) when running the recipe, the power level gets set to P0. So should any parameter that you don’t want to change at that point need to be specified ? I would seem “logical” to me that only the things you want to change should be part of the time/temp recipe step. If you don’t specify them, leave them at whatever they currently are. This makes recipes more flexible rather than having to have one for each charge scenario with different power levels. Maybe have it as a configurable option?

I’ve noted sometimes when going back in to edit a step that an additional “blank” action has been added even though I didn’t add one. Could that be why the P0 effect happened ?

Happy to collect screen shots if this isn’t already a “known reported” issue…

But take this as a thank you for these new features - sometimes the devil is in the detail so this is not an ungrateful gripe :wink:

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I’d like to add another suggestion for Recipe Mode.

While a recipe is running, there’s no indication of how far along it is in the recipe. Could a display like you see giving you directions on a GPS be implemented? It wouldn’t have to be very complex. Maybe just a line saying “Step 2 of 6; Fan 2, Power 8, Drum 7” then another saying “next step: fan 4 at IBTS = 190.” Or maybe a complete listing of all the steps, with the current one highlighted or unambiguously marked.

I also like the suggestion that another user made to have the ability to overlay a roast while using a recipe. If possible, the recipe steps should be presented in a way that wouldn’t obscure the profile.

And, can I get clarification on something about the recipe steps? When I make a temperature trigger, there’s still a time field shown. Is that time field ignored? If not, is it a logical OR of the two conditions that triggers the event? A logical AND? Is time a “greater than” sort of situation, in the case of a temp trigger?

The display uses the word “and.” I hope that not really what’s meant. I mean, what are the odds that a particular temperature will happen at EXACLTY the same moment, every time you run a recipe?

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It is a logical AND. The trigger will fire at that temperature when it is reached, but the minimum time must have been surpassed first (but not exactly equal to). This is especially useful on the bean probe as it starts high, then drops down to the turning point. In this case it would be wise to set the minimum time to after the turning point.


Thank you! “AND at least” is perfect. Must the times always increase, or can I simply set them all to times that are guaranteed to be after the turn?

Every tidbit of information you give me makes me a better Bullet user and a happier Aillio customer!

Any thoughts on my idea for a recipe progress display?

Yeah, I had that “event” list in the old RT1 and we will do something similar in RT2. It was not deemed top priority before the release so it will have to come later.