Recipes not saving properly

My recipes are not saving properly. Specifically, the preheat settings. When Preheat is set to 310 Celsius, P9, F2, D9, it is reverting to a preheat of 100 and P7 with no Fan or Drum settings. Even if it maintains the preheat of 310 degrees it still uses P7 with no Fan or Drum. Once I’ve charged, the recipe operates properly. Any ideas?

Are you creating the recipe from scratch or based off a previous roast ? I have noticed that the recipe contains some of the power/fan settings from the “idling” phase prior to charge. I don’t think you can control the power or fan settings during the preheat procedure anyway. The issue with the preheat being miscopied to 100C I believe was fixed in the most recent RT release.

Just confirming what Stuart said: Preheat is controlled by f/w… you don’t get to participate in that. It’s an automated control routine which manages power to get to the preheat target. Preheat uses neither fan nor drum speed to reach the target. Once the roaster is charged, either you, the Playback profile or your recipe take over control.


Thanks for the help. I now understand I don’t control the settings in preheat. The bigger problem is trying to save the recipe. It continually reverts to a preheat temp of 100 celsius. The images below show the preheat at 100, my changing it to 310 and saving it. After going out to the recipe list and coming back to it, the preheat has reverted to 100.

What version of RT? For me this was fixed in 3.2.3

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