Recipes not working

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I have noticed that after a couple of roasts, my recipes dont work. While it will preheat to the temp, it doesn’t automate any of the steps. It says the recipe is running, but Im using the IBTS option and it’s going way past that without any change. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m on 4.1.2


Just installed the earlier version of Roastime and noticed the recipes have the AND part where the information on time was, whereas the version of roastime i had before, 4.1.2, did not. I think that’s where the issue was. Any thoughts on how to see the AND part in 4.1.2?

It looks like you have to toggle “Advanced Settings” near the top-right of the recipe screen to get “time and” conditions. I use 4.1.2 but only use IBTS conditions in my recipes and it works perfectly.

I have no issue with RT4 executing my Recipes in order of IBTS progress (though I do have a newer version of Main (4.3.0) than you have). Which of your Recipes is giving you a problem? In looking thru your Recipes I see that you have TIME as part of the success criteria. You may need to turn OFF the Advanced Settings in RT4 so that Recipes execute on TEMP only.


That was it. I didn’t know it also had time and it was hidden in the advanced settings. Thanks!

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Wow. THE Bab. It’s like meeting a celebrity somehow haha. Thanks for responding. It was the advanced settings. How about rt 4.3. Is it available? Also, is there an option to toggle projected ror, etc like on 3?


RT4.3 I have installed is a limited release at the moment. The plan had been this week but I have no clue how the testing is going. Getting close I suspect.

You can select/de-select RoR for the measurement you have chosen (IBTS or Probe). I suspect (but don’t know!) that selecting/deselecting affects both. I’ll ask.