Recipes sometime do not sync from Roast World to RoasTime

When I save a recipe on the web interface (, the recipe is visible in my saved recipes but once I open the Roastime application, I can’t find the recipe in the list of recipes?
How can I make it visible in Roastime?
Thanks a lot,

I specify that I click on update in roastworld and then roastime

I have this same problem, sometimes it works, others it doesn’t. I must be doing something wrong

Hey @rngreenejrnevu and @undeux01.3ELS,

I will take a look at this today and push a fix if possible. Thanks for reporting!


Hey @rngreenejrnevu @undeux01.3ELS, we have this in our backlog to fix.

Do you have a link to the recipe(s) you were attempting to download that was never synced down to RoasTime?


the recipe I was attempting to follow eventually came through to roast time. It took a while. I was attempting the forced sync but since stopping that the recipe eventually came through.


I’m having the same issue. Tried restarting roastworld and roastime. I see it in my roastworld recipes but they don’t sync with roastime.

If you’ve saved a few recipes can you share the link to the recipes, @coastalcoffees?


Hi Derrick,

This is a link to the one I tried yesterday Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth