Recommended Roast Profile / Recipe Suggestion

Hi peeps.
I got my Bullet 5 days ago and have done some (pretty crappy) roasts. I think it would be GREAT if there was a sub section here (and on RoastTime, perhaps) where people could post roasts which they believe are excellent. There are thousands of roasts on RoastTime and no way to differentiate between really bad ones and great ones… It would be very useful for newbies to be able to follow successful recipes/roasts.

Thanks, Mark.

This just needs the Discourse admin to create a new category or maybe a new tag that can be used under the existing “Coffee Talk” category.

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I think it would benefit Aillio to work with someone like Rob Hoos to come up with some “endorsed” first roast profiles to help the new users out. Most users (me included) don’t tend to rate their roast so you have no idea whether a profile was good or trash…

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