Recorded Pre-Heat time incorrect


I preheated to 245 but it was recorded at 225. There is no way of going back to edit this. I wonder why it was recorded wrong?

This has happened at least twice. I roast one batch, PH @ 225. I roast, I cool, I change PH to 245 using the LCD control panel, the Bullet gets up to 245 PH heat, sits at the heat a few mins, I roast a second batch. During and after the roast I noticed the 2nd batch was recorded with the 225PH temp not 245. There is no way of editing. They has occurred in both RW 2.x and the new RW 3.0. Using v2 on a Mac


Changing 245°C to that number (225°C) sounds familiar… like a forced limitation associated with a fault in the roaster. Sorry… don’t recall specifics.



Don’t know if this works or not but how about closing Roasttime and then open it again for your 2nd batch.


I will give this a test today - maybe I am reading in the wrong value from the roaster.



I am also having incorrect recording of PH in RT 3.


It seemed that sometimes we have similar issue. No idea why that happens. But it is frustrating.