Repeated error during seasoning roasts

I am thoroughly confused and frustrated by the seasoning process of my new Bullet (v1.5). After 5 tries, I have yet to get to the end of a roast to “beyond second crack,” as required. Each time, I get ErC 0002 flashing, along with loud beeping and a nearly unresponsive interface.

I know that error 2 is “drum over 220C” and, yes, I guess it was. But the beans were still not to second crack. I was running at P6, D6, F2, like the start-up page says.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Maybe @jacob ?

Have you updated your firmware to 475? If you are using the older version 448 it will stop heating when the IBTS is only 220 Deg C.

I thought I had. I tried to, at least.

I guess I should try the update, again, then.


So, other than that, does it sound like I’m doing the process correctly?