Replay Not Working Correctly

I decided to try to replay a previous roast for the first time. The beginning of the roast started just fine. I don’t change drum speed throughout a roast so power and fan were the only variables. The first fan speed change went without a hitch. It missed the first power decrease so I changed it manually. The next power decrease happened on cue but it missed the next one.
I’m running Roastime 2.5.5 Stable on a V2 Bullet. Any ideas on why my replay failed?

I can’t be sure but I suspect the issue lies with RT and not your use of Playback. Back in Dec Matt said he had more work to do in the area of Overlays & Playback but couldn’t touch it till after finishing some projects on R.W. Haven’t heard anything since.

I use Overlay regularly (I’ve never tried Playback). I found if I try to Hide the Overlay during a roast and then open it again, all the time scaling is off. So I avoid touching that during a roast. Is that at all related? Did you Hide then re-open Playback during the roast?

You might try submitting a software Trouble ticket thru Messages in RT. That will (eventually!) get a message to Matt.


Bruce, thanks for the reply. After the preheat was finished I just selected the roast I wanted to replay and charged the roaster - nothing else was touched until I noticed the first power adjustment was missed. I’ve got another lot of new beans next roast. Maybe once I get it dialed in I’ll try replay again. I’ll also submit a ticket as well. Thanks again for the feedback.

It would be helpful to see a screen shot of the profile/recipe you are trying to use…just to make sure that’s not the issue.

Here it is:

Sorry, I was referring to the actual recipe with triggers…

Ahhh - maybe that’s the problem. I was under the impression that replay involved using a previously saved roast. Are you saying that I have to turn it into a recipe in order replay?

There are no instructions for Playback that I’ve been able to find, but it was my impression you were to use Playback as you did. With it not working as expected it sounds like Recipes are the alternative, especially since they’ve had more recent work than Playback/Overlay.


I’m running 2.5.5 stable, but on a V1.5. I have run Playback at least a dozen times and it always faithfully followed the earlier roast.

I have also made on-the-fly changes in a Playback to both fan and power with no problems…then when the next playback event change is due, the software makes the change as expected.

If I have a roast I really like, and more of the same beans, I’ll use Playback to replicate it, or to tweak it during Playback to try to improve it.

I’ve used Recipes only a couple of times…like it, but it is more difficult for me.

I’ll give it some more tries and see if my first experience was just a fluke. Thanks for sharing your experience.