Replay - why based om time and not temperature?

Am I missing something…? But I wonder, if the replay function would be more usefull, if it repeated a profile based om temperature instead of time? Anyone?

I totally agree. In RoastTime v1 you could edit a profile with the “Edit actions”-button, and add actions based on temperature (e.g. when bean temperature reaches 180C, turn down heat one notch etc.). However this really great feature seems to have disappeared i RoastTime v2?!

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Miss this functionality as well

Agreed. A Temperature based profile is much better than a Time based profile

I am working on this functionality as we speak!


Top dollar Matthew :slight_smile:

Apologies in advance for the frustration, but you released an inferior product.

Why on earth am I being force to use this software? My bean sensor died, as a result, I upgraded to the latest sensor which has forced me to upgrade to this software.

This is killing my business. I do all the roasting and preliminary roasting, then I edit the chosen recipes to trigger off of temperature. Thus way other folks who want to roast can run a playback and not worry about screwing things up.

I really don’t understand why anyone would release this software yet.

go back to the old software 1.1, I did don’t like the new one either (eye cancer layout) or manually roasting what I like to do watch and trust your senses

Unfortunately, I can’t go back. My old IR Sensor died, so I did the IBTS upgrade. This required new firmware and new software. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to lose a year of roasting experience and data and now have an inferior tool.

try it. I roast with old windows RT1… . Bean and Drum swaps but you still can see it. And on R1 you have values anyway.

I did try it, and R1 didn’t even see my roaster anymore. That being said, Im having issues with R2 seeing my roaster now too :slight_smile:

sad mine did and it works

I think that Artisan Scope has added support for the IBTS Aillio’s in version 1.6.1 - just last week. But I can’t find the official executable download yet.

Contains the 1.6.1 builds.

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