Replaying A Downloaded Roast

I’m roasting a new bean for the first time and considered using a roast profile I found on Roast World. Once I download it, how do I go about replaying for my next roast? I see it listed under Downloaded Roasts but where do I go from there?

Still waiting for my roaster to arrive but I read the following here.

Playback a Profile

Perhaps you’ve already perfected a roast, or maybe you’ve downloaded one that you believe will work for a particular bean. You can automatically playback a profile by clicking Playback, again on the top right of the Preview Profile or Full Profile screens.

The Playback feature will replay all changes made during the roast. It is based on Time only. If you want to edit the Playback to be based off temperature, you will need to use the new Recipe Creator, for now only available in Beta.