[Request] 3D model of the Chaff collector plastic piece

Hi @jacob is there any chance we could get a 3D file if the Chaff Chamber plastic piece? Any format 3D file would be great.

Thank you.

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“Roast Chamber” plastics is not something I’ve seen anywhere on the Bullet as that area would not be suitable for plastic products. If you are seeking “exhaust adapters”, here you go direct from the main Aillio website. They have (3) .stl files there depending upon what and where you are wanting to vent. I haven’t printed any of them, but could use the “flexible Cooling Tray” adapter for venting that particular point. I’ll probably print that one in the near future. :+1:

Aillio Exhaust Adapters

It was a typo. I meant Chaff Collector as mentioned in the title. I had a lot on my mind lol

@jacob chaff Collector Plastic Part is what I was requesting, not roast chamber.

Bump for correctly worded post

Better late than never. Here is a link to 3D files of the chaff collector assembly Chaff collector


This is great! Thank you. I was very happy to see my model of the metal plate and screw hardware was really close. I’m teaching myself cad so it was exciting to say the least. This will help me a lot.


Hi @Jacob thanks for sharing this file - Do you have a picture of the printed end result? If you have a picture of the end result in your production setup that would also help me a lot to better understand this piece. Thanks!