Roast Analyzer in Beta (Official Feedback Thread)

Hey, Bruce. Thanks. But I didn’t work on F yet. It’s New Year’s Eve here in Taiwan and so I spent the day taking a break. I will get this done first this tomorrow (New Years).

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Oddly I’m seeing both my whines corrected. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m impressed! :slight_smile:


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@derrxb ,
New analyzer looks great. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Agree with @ryweller would be super helpful to be able to bring in more attributes into the table. Maybe put the table below the graph and give users ability to select any attributes they want (ie preheat temp, weight, weight loss, event times, phase %, drop temp/time, etc).
  2. Agree with @andrewbakertexas having Power/Fan/Drum settings displayed is critical, maybe a set limit or using a single color coded line graph to display colored lines for each setting vs the gant like chart in the interface? Also, agree having different colors would be very helpful on the primary graph.
  3. Would be nice to add a slider or dropdown to increase the ROR interval (ie 5s, 15s, 30s, etc) to help smooth the graphs and look at trends.
  4. Would be helpful to include the IBTS ROR. I’ve heard mention of it being erratic with a 1s interval but when smoothed at a higher interval it is useful.

If you can add the above, I can finally get rid of having to do this all manually in excel. Would be much appreciated!! :slight_smile:

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To elaborate on criticality of power fan drum speed settings, the point of the analyzer is to provide information that can help you make better decisions. Viewing the curves without seeing how they get there does enable making intelligent data-aided adjustments to change the curves.

Perhaps an answer is to show the settings oniy viewing a limited number of roasts (e.g., five or fewer). But it has to be more than one toast or else you are not using the analyzer, you are just repeating a view of a single roast.

Thanks for considering.


Sorry. I obviously meant does “NOT” enable.

In other words, analyzer at its best will provide actionable intelligence. And the power, fan and drum speed settings are the best tools to make the information presented actionable.

Again, a thousand apologies for mistyping above.

Happy New Year.

Would like to be able to compare “my roasts” to those in my “saved roasts” folder.

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I asked about TrueDev temp last year but failed to get any answers. Looking forward to the formula and, hopefully, understand it.

Hey guys, Happy New Years! Sorry for being MIA for a few days. I’m having exams this week and had to step away for a bit. I’m mostly back now. Anyways, here’s an update on your questions/suggestions:

  • I’ve fully enabled °F for the roast analyzer. So all values on the page should be converted correctly.
  • @ryweller’s suggestion of adding more attributes to the table is possible. The one thing I’d like to do though have this under a flag (perhaps called advanced table) since some users might not have a large enough screen to view the graph and table correctly.
  • @andrewbakertexas’s suggestion to include the P/F/D settings is understandable. I will discuss with the team on what’s the best way to get this working. @bab gave an interesting suggestion through PMs that I’m gonna look into.
  • I’m gonna look into @justinlgoldsmith’s suggestion of smoothing graph. However, IMO line smoothing isn’t always the best route to go as it can lead to misrepresented data. See
  • In terms of including IBTS ROR, we have an ongoing discussion internally about that and will update later on.
  • Also in terms of comparing saved roasts and your roasts, this is also another feature that’s in the works for the analyzer. However, this would be only on a bean level.

All in All, thanks for the feedback! It’s super helpful.

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@derrxb have you managed to add FC temps as per the IBTS? As @bab was mentioning, in his case the FC as per IBTS is active. I’m yet to see that in my Analyzer.

Yes, this is based off a configuration called Primary Measure that can be found here: Visit => click Edit => Change Primary Measure to IBTS. But if this is already set to IBTS it might mean that you don’t have the latest version of the web-app (we use service workers) and so you’ll need to close all Roast.World tabs and then re-open them to get the update.

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Thank you!!!

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