Roast Analyzer in Beta (Official Feedback Thread)

Hi Everyone! Happy Holidays :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a thread to inform you all that we have launched the Roast Analyzer on Roast World Beta. You can find the analyzer under the Roasts => Roast Analyzer tab in the sidebar.

There are also a few additional things we plan to add to analyzer such as:

  1. The ability to highlight a roast profile
  2. The ability to see cupping scores in the analyzer’s tabular data.

We would definitely appreciate any feedback you all have on the analyzer.



Good news! Thanks Derrick.


Gave it a try. Seems to be working fine. Unfortunately it’s been so long since I used it (only took 5 days!!) I’ve forgotten the details of what had become 2nd nature. Looks like I need to be retrained. But exploring the roasts is the fun part!

Nice holiday gift for us users. Not quite a new PlayStation, but close. So thank you!


Hey @derrxb -

Happy Holidays to you too! Thanks for all your hard work this year.

The old Roast Analyzer didn’t play well with my Mac. Your new Roast Analyzer is way better, and something I’ll use for sure. The average First Crack is very nice. One suggestion: could you make average First Crack work off of IBTS temperatures instead of Bean temperatures?


It would indeed be awesome to have the FC data off the IBTS since that is my reference during roasts.


Hi, thanks for the feedback! I will add the first crack to IBTS. :slight_smile:

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Just used the analyzer and it looks good. Perhaps, I may be asking too much, but when comparing the same lot of beans, would it be possible to somehow, push the Average FC, which, I believe is a very useful metric, to the bean list/inventory.

Even without the above, it’s a wonderful feature. :slight_smile:


Hi, Do you mean to show the AVG first crack on the bean’s themselves? We currently show the avg first crack on the table before the column headings.

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I’ve set up the chart to draw the annotations (1st crack, etc) on the IBTS. This was done using the Primary Measure setting on Roastime and Roast.World. If you set this setting to ‘IBTS’, these annotations will be drawn on IBTS.

You can also change toggle settings from 'Settings => Edit => Profile & Preferences => Primary Measure`.

This has been pushed to production. If you can’t see it yet, there are two ways to get this showing. You can either:

  1. Close all Roast World tabs and then reopen a new tab (preferred method). OR
  2. Reload your page and on the bottom left-hand side you should see a message with ‘A new version of Roast World has been release’. and a REFRESH button. Once you click that button, you should get the latest version of the app.

The My Beans lists the various beans that I have added and shows Name, Country, Vendor, etc. A FC info would be a good metric to have as a reference, especially, when there are many different beans in the bean list being roasted at different times.

Hey @derrxb -

Thanks for this quick upgrade! After close/open the browser and logging back in to RW, I’m now seeing the Preferred Measure in user settings, and in Roast Analyzer the event markers do appear on the IBTS curves now. But the first crack data in the table and the average first crack value are still from the bean probe:

This for MacOS / Safari.


Ohhh, thanks so much for pointing this out! Haha I missed that bit. I will make the change and let you guys know when it’s done.


This has been fixed and should be working now. I sneaked in a tiny new feature in this release as well. You can highlight a roast profile now.

Thanks Derrick. I appreciate having the analyzer back!

I’m having an issue with temp scaling. The temps are labelled °F but the numbers are actually °C. RT3 is set to °F but I don’t see a R.W setting to control the display preference… ??


Thanks for all of these enhancements.

  1. Can we get the X axis in F?
  2. Is is possible to assign different colors to different roasts?
  3. Is it possible to show where Power and Fan Settings are at particular times during the roasts?
  4. What is True Development Temperature? (I am sure more experienced roasters will know)?
    Thanks again.
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Hi, This is something I plan to work on tomorrow. So I should have this working before the end of the week.

The F labels on the tables should be only C. Once I get this working, it should work in-sync with your preference. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Here’s some feedback.

  1. Currently only C is supported. I should get it to respect your temperature format preference tomorrow.
  2. This is tricky since you can select an arbitrary number of roasts to be analyzed. I recently added the “highlight” option that allows highlighting one of the roasts. It only allows one highlight at a time though.
  3. This is also tricky since we have an arbitrary number of roasts.
  4. I’ll provide some more details on this tomorrow. We use a formula to calculate this. But I can’t remember it from the top of my head.

I confirm first crack data in table and average first crack value are now IBTS. Works great, and I’m liking the highlight feature too. THANKS @derrxb !

:clap: @derrxb nice work on the continuous releases.

I’d like to see a little more info on the roasts. PH and Weight so we can think about its effect on turning point.
It’s probably a getting a bit tight over on the right side. I’m not sure how to deal with that, maybe an option to expand the roasts with an extra row of details(?)

Yeah, @derrxb was busy overnight… IBTS & °F are both active now for me. Thanks Derrick!!