Roast Analyzer

I see that there have been changes to the roast analyzer since I last used it. The current version stretches the chart height (Y-axis) to the length of the number of roasts selected. That works fine if you have 5 roasts selected, but when you look at a large number of roasts as I’m doing at the moment it makes the chart very difficult to use. In this instance I’m looking at the range of FC temps over 50 roasts. I have to Page Down 5 times to get from the area of the data to the Time axis. There may be some reason stretching the chart makes it better/necessary, so if that’s the case a floating X-axis (time) would serve well.

Here’s a couple wish list items:

  • in selecting roasts, it would be helpful to select more than one roast at a time. Perhaps you could consider the use of Ctrl-A or a Select All (of the displayed) roasts option.
  • some sorting of the roasts by name and/or date range would be helpful to winnow the list… maybe by bean-type/name.



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