Roast Curve Editor & Saved Overlays

Hi, Aillio & Aillio community!

Something I think that would be really cool is the ability to edit roast curves and save them as overlays.

I find myself searching through my roasts to find my reference roast to overlay when replicating a roast for a specific bean.

The Roast Curve Editor could work to take a roast, make a slight adjustment to the curve, and run it back as a recipe, or allow automation to keep your roast as close to your edited reference curve as possible, or, use the edited curve as an overlay.

Say you’re roast ran away from you at the end, and you wanted to smooth it out so that doesn’t happen. Sure, I could guess what adjustments to make in my recipe, and run a new roast… classic trial & error. Alternatively, use the Roast Curve Editor to edit the curve, and as I go to do my next roast make adjustments on the fly to keep it as close to the edited overlay as possible.

In my mind, the Roast Curve Editor is a visual roast curve on a graph, that you can drag and move the roast curve with your curser … I hope that makes sense. I believe that Cropster has a similar idea called “Curve Designer”.

It would also be amazing to be able to save overlays in their own menu section So that when I have a reference roast, I can easily find it without searching through all my roasts, and needing to rename specific roasts in order to find them.


I asked for this a year ago. It sure would be a nice to see it implemented!

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Nice! Yeah, I think at the very least, being able to save overlays would be super helpful. I get that a roast curve editor would be a huge undertaking, but I think implementing saved overlays shouldn’t be too difficult.

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The roasting profile (curve) is not something we directly control. It is the indirect result of the 4 (+environment) inputs; preheating temp, drum speed, fan speed, induction heating, so editing it would only serve as a way to visually see it.

What you are proposing is more than a curve editor, it is also a way to control the roaster following a reference curve and adjusting it on the fly.

Right now this is not in the pipeline, however we have some other tools being worked on which will help you design your recipes by the help of machine learning. We are also working on better prediction, which is being beta tested right now.

As for saving the overlays, I think you should give #tags a try. These make it much quicker to find profiles which you tag in the notes. The most used tags show up on your main list of roasts, and others can be filtered.

Use the # followed by your tag name:

Tagged profiles will show up here:

Or you can filter by tags:


I think Artisan has what you’re asking for: Designer - Coffee roasting software - artisan

I personally don’t like artisan but found this feature really interesting. I find myself in the exact same situation (e.g. trying to find a somewhat decent 9 minute roast to use as an overlay).

Yea, that’s the feature I’m referring to. I agree, I like Aillios software, but this would just be a nice feature.

Thanks Jacob, Yea I’m aware. I just think it’d be a cool feature for go-to profiles and for using as a reference as your roasting. I’ll give tags a shot. Thanks!

It’s a great idea, but another solution, if they cannot do that, is to allow 2 ghost overlay curves. That way you can overlay the two curves you like and then split the difference. Does that make sense?

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