Roast Degree filter not showing in Chrome

When using the search filter within “Discover Roasts” inside Google Chrome, the Roast Degree box does not show as it does when using Microsoft Edge. Not sure if this is a bug or an issue with Chrome?

Hey @paulheinrichslxs5,

Can you let me know which version of Chrome you’re using? I’ve tried both versions of Chrome & Edge that’s installed on my device and it seems to work okay.

If you can, can you attach a screenshot of how the dropdown looks on both of your browsers?


Without Agtron (or other scales) for Whole and Ground beans, I don’t find the Roast Degree that useful because I have no idea what a person is basing it on. Development time and drop temp interact and are somewhat dependent on a person’s roaster. For instance, I did three different sample roasts of three different coffees using Rob Hoos profile: all were horribly underdeveloped and I even roasted them to a higher end temp than suggested. Before I got my color analyzer I was using drop temp to guess at Roast Degree. After getting the analyzer I saw that I was often way off, especially since a faster roast will show a greater delta between whole and ground color. So the only useful way to gauge roast degree is through objective measurements. I do three different preparations and measurements for whole and ground, then average. If I get an obvious outlier, I take a fourth reading.

Hey @toddjohnson.LLAn,

I think your comment is more of a feature request than about the original issue raised in this post. Can you create a new post with your comment/feature request. :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing from you.


I already created a feature request. My point here, to the OP, is that use of the Roast Degree as a filter is of unknown reliability since we have no idea how accurate the designations are. A fellow roaster has measured color of commercial bags of coffee and the contents of K-cups. They almost never match the advertised roast level. I think it is important in coffee to be as objective as possible, when possible–that means measuring color and only then mapping to a scale like city, medium, dark, etc.

I belive I am using the latest versions for both on Windows 11 - 64
Edge: Version 103.0.1264.77 (Official build) (64-bit)
Chrome: Version 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Seems to work fine on my Android version of Chrome (but much too small)

I tend to use chrome so didn’t actually know the Roast Degree filter was there until I switched to Edge for some reason.


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Thanks for the reproduction. I will fix asap.