Roast Feedback

Hey all - I’m coming from a behmor and still adjusting. I did this roast and was expecting some bright notes from it but I somewhat feel as though it’s giving me a bit of a bitter aftertaste and my friend noticed some burnt types of notes. Not the goal here OFC but what are your thoughts on how I did? On paper it seems to be fairly solid, no?

I have no experience with these greens so I can’t really comment directly. Just looking at the drop temp it appears 1C may not have finished. But that may be your plan… ?? For my roasts I expect 1Cs (start) at about IBTS = 204°C-206°C and 1Ce (end) at about IBTS = 218°C-219°C (a range on the order of 14C° from start to finish). I roast pretty dark so I may have the wrong end of the stick here!


Agree with Bruce, your FC seems a bit too early. My experience, the FC happens around IBTS 201°C~208°C

The FC temp chosen may also be influenced by whether marking at the first pop or waiting for the “chorus,” which IIRC is what you do, Bruce, I get FC at 200C to 204C on most of my roasts.

I don’t roast or drink Kenya very often so have not developed any expertise, but here is a profile that has been drinking nicely since I roasted it 2 weeks ago.


Nice curve, and looks like increasing the fan speed up to f4 around 195°(IBTS) before hitting the FC is the key to avoid RoR flick during development phase and bring great taste of the roast.

For the smallish batch size that you’re using, I’d recommend reducing the power earlier. Also, your ROR line should be much lower toward the end of the roast to allow the beans to develop more slowly. I generally increase the fan speed from F2 at the start all the way to F6 by the end of the roast. I usually increase fan speed by one notch at the same time as you reduced your power from P6 to P5 to keep the ROR from doing that upward trend (even though I don’t always catch it in time). I suspect you hit FC earlier than you noted. I’ve roasted Kenyan beans often. It’s one of my favorites. Here’s one of my roasts of some Kenyan beans. Note that my temps are in deg F.