Roast Graphs in Roast.World not showing Power/Fan info [fixed]

Does anyone know how to make the power/fan numbers show in graphs how they do in RoasTime? Thanks in advance.

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I have the same issue and have reported it also via slack.

Same issue here… Hope it gets straightened out soon so I can continue to bother my local roasteries with my profiles :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone,

I’m working on fixing this. I’m having a hard time to re-create this though. I’ll keep you all posted on here.

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for pointing this issue out. I believe this has been fixed. Let me know how it goes on your end.

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Thanks Derrick , mine’s working properly again.
Cheers Barry

Working now too :grinning: Good job tracking this one down Derrick :clap:t3:

Thanks Derrick! Works

Thanks Derrick.

While the power-fan settings are not displayed, on my graphs the ROR values on the right side seem to be celsius when I have everything else degrees F. RoasTime graphs are fine.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Hey @geoffreych I just checked my graphs on RW, and I also use degree F, everything looks fine on my graphs now, including the P/D/F settings and the temp values on the right side are displayed for me in F.

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