Roast Importing from Beta to v2.x.x

Roast Time Beta(s) are no longer supported and have been disabled. There is one release version 1.x.x-final that includes a tool to export your roasts if need be. You may download it here.

Roast Time v2.0.2 is released now and will be auto updated or can be manually downloaded from here. In this version is a tool to import roasts from both Windows (when that export tool is released) and the OSX Beta.

If you need to import some roasts from the beta version that did not make it over, take these steps:

  1. Update your beta version by downloading it here.
  2. Click the export button in this “new” beta version. This will save a file to your desktop.
  3. Close the beta version.
  4. Open the new version ^2.0.2
  5. In the “Tools” click “Import Roasts”
  6. Drag and drop the json file from your desktop
  7. Click the import button.




hey Matt, after importing, I do not have the bean name and roast name. and i got a million #1 as roast number…any idea?

Can you email [email protected] a sample of your json files?