Roast not saved when roasting from recipe


I just roasted 2 batches using 2 saved recipes. In both cases I went to the roast from the recipe page using the navigation - start.

The roaster and computer were connected normally. The roaster followed the recipe and I ended the roast on the prompt.

At the end of the roast there is normally an option to edit the roast or cooldown the roaster. In this case, the only option was cooldown the roaster.

The roast was not saved/displayed on the ‘roasts’ page.

I did 2 roasts using recipes and then tested whether a roast would save when done manually. The manual roast saved as expected.

Version 3.4.1
firmware 591
Mac OS
Safari browser

This happened again this morning, but I was not roasting using the recipe. I did roast a 150g batch and the other batches that did not save were also sample roast batches, so wondering if it is related to this…