Roast Profiles - Upload Your Profile Here for Help or Feedback


Lets make a new topic dedicated to help, feedback, and troubleshooting each others roast profiles.


Here is a 500 gram roast I did this morning with a washed Ethiopian. Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome.


John, I am not able to see any profile posted… Is this just me?



i guess they are having a issue with image display. i uploaded them 3x. ???


It works now. :slight_smile:


Im going to charge the same batch size again but this time with a higher Pre-Heat. Also, I think I want to try “Kaffetårnet” approach this time…these three roasts taste amazing however, and I did follow guidelines from Therese under the section “Update may 2017” from as you can see.


I see them now! The curves look excellent!