Roast profiles

Hi Everyone,

I just got my Bullet R1 so i am new here, i am trying to import profiles from Roast world to the Roast Time app, can someone please tell me how its done.
Thank yoiu

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I have the same question.

One way to do it is via a username. Go to your Dashboard → Users and in the Search field enter a username (or part on the name) and R.W will return a field of hits. Click on a name and explore the Roasts.

A more useful way is to explore via bean name. Again start in Dashboard → Beans → Find Beans. Either scan down the list or type an entry in the search field to find something you have/want and see what pops up. Click on a username and when the list fills click on a Roast.

There’s a lot of hit-or-miss involved but with a little work you can get in the ball park and get a clue what others did with a bean you’re familiar with.


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