Roast stops during roast

Today I have experienced a very strange issue. I roast with connected to a Macbook and I did the following things:

Roast started normally, nothing happened.

I did not touch anything, didn’t touch any button and while yellowing, the roast stopped suddenly. The roast was gone on my Laptop, the drum did not rotate anymore.

So I tried to restart it but did not succeed. Everytime I touched the Button on the aillio, it started to rotate and then stopped after 3 seconds and the status was back to “off”.

I had to shut everything down and wait for a few minutes until I could restart the bullet in normal preheat mode. I had to do this a few time.

Afterwards, I was able to do a normal badge and then started a back-to-back-roast. And then the second roast again stopped at the same point while yellowing with the same problem.

Neither the roaster nor the Aillio ID displayed any Error or anything similar.

Did anyone experienced this? I really don’t know what to do…

If the roaster stopped it’s more than the USB connection failing. Did you look at the Logs to check for errors? A shut-down is often temperature related and those errors for the current session will be listed in the Logs tab. On the Roast page during a roast just click Info → Logs.

Is there a record of the roast? did something get saved in your roast data? Can you view the failed roasts? That might help understand what happened. I see a couple “Untitled” roasts but they have no data so I don’t know if they are the record of the failed roasts.

In looking at other roasts of yours I suspect there may be a sizeable error in IBTS since IBTS and B-Temp are crossing late in the roast. At a high Preheat temp setting that can mean the drum temp is significantly higher than the programmed value which may lead to operating outside safe limits on the power board. Support can advise you better but my guess is that cleaning the IBTS might be a good first step.

Without Logs info you probably ought to contact Support either at your supplier or at They should have access to the Logs file for the roast which will have been saved on their server. They’ll need the date/time of the failed roast. For Aillio Support go to and click on Contact → Tech Support. Fill out the message form and send it… that will start a Trouble Ticket.

Aillio Support helps via eMail. They are in Taiwan so there is probably a significant time difference. Using your supplier is probably more convenient for time.


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