Roast Time 2.0 for Mac

Hey everyone,

I have been having a few problems with Roast Time on my Mac. Not so much while roasting but looking at my profiles on the Bullet and in Roast World. The temperature readings are completely off than the readings during the roast.

On Roast Time the temperature readings go over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit!

While looking at my profiles in Roast World FC temp is 605 degrees Fahrenheit. It also reads that i preheated to 32 degrees.

Is anyone else having this problem reviewing their roast profiles using Roast Time 2.0 on your mac??

Much help is needed here!

I’ve got a few gremlins as well. The temperatures appear to be fine whilst roasting, but later, when looking at the profile, the readings are way off. Here is a screen shot from my roast this morning… I obviously didn’t preheat to 624.2F!

Also, when I started roasting, the buttons for “yellowing,” “1st crack” etc., were not functioning. During the roast I clicked on the “settings” icon, then clicked back out, and the buttons were again working. It was too late to hit the “yellowing” button at the right time, and I had to hit “yellowing” and “1st crack” at almost the same time in order to accurately record “1st crack.”

Okay so i’m not the only one haha.

Yea i can’t get my screen shot to upload on here but the same is happening to mine. It also has the full roast profile cut short by a couple min which then doesn’t give accurate readings of the development phase.

Hopefully we can get some help with this.

Hey Guys,

These problems seems to be happening to people roasting in F. Can you tell me if 2.0.6 fixes these issues for you?