Roast Time 4.0 axis

I downloaded Roast Time 4.0. My axis numbers (left side) are 1300. I can’t find where to adjust them. I went to advanced settings and it says “coming soon”. Any one know how to adjust these?

  • Get to Edit Settings by clicking on your icon at the upper right.
  • Click Roast Configuration
  • Click Chart Defauts
  • Choose the various display parameters you want for the chart in particular
    – X-axis (the number of minutes to display; if your roast runs longer, RT4
    will extend the X-axis).
    – Y-axis (this is where you change the left axis from 1100°F to what suits your roast).
    – Y2-axis (this is where you set the range for RoR parameters; I have it set at 40 F°/min)


Thanks Bruce. I appreciate the response. I’ve been using the Bullet for 3 years. I’ve never had an issue with changing settings until now, lol. I’m going to blame it on age. Lol

In that case you can trust the instructions- they come from another old toot!! :innocent: