Roast Time for Windows

I’m having issues downloading the newest Roast Time software on my Windows PC (Windows 7). I downloaded the .DMG file but when attempting to open it using DMG Extractor I receive the following error message: The specified file () is not recognized as DMG format.

I haven’t found any detailed instructions on how to install the newest Roast Time for Windows? What am I doing wrong?? Or is Roast Time 2.0 only for Macs?

DMG is a macOS file format. That’s the mac version. Check here. I believe 1.1.2 is the latest Windows release: Releases · roastworld/roast-time-release · GitHub

The location for RoastTime or Roast.World or whatever is very confusing. Versioning needs to be clear and download of releases needs to be consolidated. Hunting for the correct installer is a waste of customer’s time.

Thanks for the information. I’m still confused…I’ve been using RoastTime since the beginning but now i understand it’s been updated to integrate with Roast World (at least on Mac) right? I tried updating through the Roast Time updated but it says I already have the latest version. Can someone provide more details on the RoastTime version for Windows with the new interface to synchronize with Roast World??

Ok, so I figured out Roast Time install for Windows. However, the roaster is not recognized on the software. Can someone shed some light on the file or release files? I’m unable to open any of these files.

This is extremely confusing and I am quite tech savvy when it comes to computers.

I don’t recommend version 1.1.2.
aillio - We make coffee roasters for home and business. scroll down to the bottom and find the windows drivers and the latest version of RoasTime for windows.

Yeah, version is what I’ve been running since the beginning. I thought there was an updated version that syncs with Roast World? Or is the MAC version of Roast Time the only version that currently works with Roast World?

Currently, the OSX version is the only version that syncs with Roast World. I am working on the new Windows version now, but will take some time. All releases are logged in the Software Topic: RoasTime Release Log - #3 by mcaillio


I have both and 1.1.2 installed and just stick with 1005 for now. 1.1.2 doesn’t sync with Roast World (or at least I can never log in) and 1005 seems much more robust in terms of features (even loading a profile off the bat is impossible to do in 1.1.2).

As for macOS Roast Time it is my new preference.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification!

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