Roast Time lag with update to v3.2.x

Hello everyone,

I usually do back to back roasts on my bullet. With this update I have noticed that there is a time lag that creeps up on me as I roast along. The first time I noticed it was at the end of a roast when I finished the roast, but my screen shows the curve carrying on. Another time I charged the beans after preheating and some 30sec later, the roast screen now starts up but showing the past data. I have confirmed this by looking at the IBTS reading on the bullet and it is not the same on the computer.

To get around this I frequently restart my software in between roast batches, but it is such a pain. I also seemed to have triggered it when leaving the system in preheat for too long a time after restarting. I charge the roast and the computer does not switch over while the bullet starts the roast.

This has only been the case since updating to v3.2 as far as I can tell. Anyone else experiencing the same?

We are investigating this issue - it seems related to the new UI library and components we switched to in 3.2. Will try to get an update out ASAP.

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Awesome, thank you for the feedback.